Art atelier in Munich

Visual Arts in Munich

“Technique is important, but even more, the meaning of the art peace”. Vinicio Bastidas.

The aroma in an art atelier is quite special, the ink´s smell and other material´s seem to be the same world wide. The same smell predominates in an art atelier in Mexico like in a atelier in Germany, and Vinicio Bastidas´s atelier shares this special aroma.
Bastida´s work (Fac. de Artes de la Universidad Central del Ecuador, Escuela la Esmeralda, México, Fac. de Bellas Artes de San Carlos de la Universidad P. de Valencia, España) is about several topics, going from hard topics like the tragedy of femicide, through some political topics from an ironic perspective, to some others in a poetical style, like the reinterpretation of poems and songs, he has been working with pieces of Ecuadorians, Mexicans, Spanish authors and soon he is starting with German writers.

The techniques he works with are drawing and engraving on several materials like wood, vinyl, among others and also photoengraving. He says both techniques are quite different, engraving needs a lot of sources, but by drawing all you need is to go on the piece of paper. Both techniques share the same discourses such as identity and reinterpretation of facts, so the public or viewer can get a different assimilation of reality.

A topic he likes to work with is politics, he has an engraving series about the „abominables“, with a comic style handling and a sarcastic point of view, he tries to take some political characters into an artistic reality.

Bastidas offers engraving workshops at his atelier, his goal is to offer a possibility to get closer with the hand work, using several materials like wood, ink, tools, so the creativity can flow, one further goal is to awake a certain restlessness about art, so the participant gets the idea that art is not away from his viewer, and last but not least, to give the possibility of a self projection through a piece of wood.

A very important issue is to achieve team work in his atelier, where all the participants collaborate and interact with each other.

The workshops are well visited by participants of all ages that are interested to get into the visual arts as a way of self-expression. Some of them already have an artistic background and some of them are in the beginning of learning a new way of expressing themselves. For people that are interested in more information about the workshops, Vinicio´s website is:
The atelier is in “Platform“ Kistlerhofstr. 70“ 3.stock. U3-Aidenbachstraße.

Photo and text by Alicia Enciso.