Prepaid card or fixed mobile phone contract: what is more convenient?


I was not aware of how hard it is to cancel a mobile phone contract here, until I tried it.

When I made the contract for my mobile phone, the cancellation period of 2 years didn’t bother me much. But the contract also renewed automatically after the first two years, for two more years. But I wanted to renounce it. It was really quite tedious to cancel it.

When I finally could cancel it, I went for another option, the prepaid card which has a lot of advantages. It is easy to use, and apparently the only two disadvantages are that one has to charge it eventually, when the credit finishes and the other one is that when you are in another country you don´t have automatically access to the network in the same way, as if you would get it when you had a contract, (depending on the contract conditions). However, as one can always check her/his exact amount that is left on the card, it is easy to control and one cannot get trapped in a contract. I believe that the use of the prepaid credit is more conscious.

The prepaid card option is also the best, if your stay in Munich is only temporary, even for a year or more, since you can just leave and won’t have to keep on paying. The different telephone companies offer this service and it is easy to arrive at a mobile phone store and to achieve such a prepaid chip for your device. The price varies according to the package one aims to buy, approximately, the price for a chip is around 10 to 15 euros, depending on which cellphone company you choose.

Yo will be spending around 20 euros a month, if you make no exaggerated use of messages, calls and, for instance, googlemaps use (of course no youtube videos or candy crush, lol). You can charge your prepaid chip easily at many stores. Usually at all supermarkets, and also in all the stores of the cellphone company. In German, one has to ask for “Guthaben für das Handy” … and of course a “bitte”.

Of course I don’t want to say that fixed mobile phone contracts aren’t of any use. A huge advantage of these is that, by making a contract, you will be able to get a new smartphone and paying it in monthly small amounts, included in your contract. Another good thing about the contracts is that the longer your contract runs, the more loyalty extras you will get from the cellphone company.

I hope this information was useful. If you have more ideas about advantages and/or disadvantages about one of these phone options, write us on Facebook

Text by: Alicia Enciso Twitter: @getcityvibes