My first days in Munich. Ivan from France talks about his experience as an expat in MUC.

First days in MUC


First days in München… I was living in a hostel knowing anybody, and what helped me was living in Air BnB because I started to connect with people and I started to establish my network with locals. Thats why airbnb was important. It helped me in the beginning to build up a network with locals and not only with people who just passed by.

What I like in Munich… I would say, is the place, the buildings, maybe it sounds a little bit silly but when you go to the office you can go on your bike near to the Isar, and thats really nice, the cultural side, a lot of museums, you can do a lot of things at your own, going to the mountains and the small cities around.

What I don’t like, are the very few connections I was able to establish with locals. I have some German friends, but making real friends is obviously a difficult process. I have been living for two years here, and my network is still being too small in comparison to what I have done in the past.

My relationship with the language… when I was in school, I learned German, just to take a language course, but I didn’t think about coming to Germany ever and things have changed since then, so it’s kind of a funny situation… I am able to communicate and express myself, but what makes it difficult to learn, is that everybody speaks English very well, and all the Germans that I know speak English.

My tips as an expat to feel comfortable in Munich, are like I have already mentioned, establish a network with locals, get involved, make sport activities in a group, maybe with your colleagues from work. Build up a non-digital social network, it doesn’t have to be a strong relationship, but social contact is very important.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Ivan!