1st. Crazy Socks Exchange.

9 different nationalities exchanging socks at a Mexican Taquería in a German City. That sounds pretty funny - and it was!

sock1s Finally, the date arrived and this last Saturday, we had our 1st Crazy Socks Exchange! (Don´t panic! it was a new pair of socks!)

We had the idea early this year, we posted it on our meet up group and we bought our pair of socks, the idea behind it was simple: just to break the ice in a group of strangers who want to meet new people. We were people from at least 9 different countries: Turkey, United Kingdom, India, Greece, Chile, Mexico, Russia, France, Italy and of course Germany. We all are living in Munich and wanted to meet new people, what eventually could turn into a friendship.

We were lucky and got a great host: the really authentic Mexican street food place „Cometa“, beverages were for free! But it was not about a usual drink, it was about traditional flavored water from Mexico, „Horchata, Tamarindo, Jamaica and Lemon with chía“. Everybody arrived on time, we were starting to talk to each other, we enjoyed our tacos and then we made the exchange. Everybody had a new pair of socks ready… it was a funny thing, the patterns were colorful and it was a real ice breaker. After that, we went to a bar and let the party continue.


A lot of thanks to Cometa, contemporary Mexican Taquería (Cometa´s Website) for hosting us, and thank you to all the awesome people who came, changed socks and had fun! I am pretty sure we are going to make it again!

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Text by: Alicia E. Twitter @Lich27