I know that the river is constantly changing.


As Heraclitus said: “The only constant is change”, and changes happen a lot when you live abroad or even in the same country, but in a new city. On our Get cityVibes magazine, we are interested in this topic and especially in what other people in the community are doing. This topic is taken on by Suzanna Treumann in her art. She is presenting a solo art exhibition, the opening is on the 10th of May. Her exhibition title is: „Ich weiss, dass sich der Fluss ständig ändert“ in English “I know that the river is constantly changing”.

Suzanna reflected with us on her exhibition and on this topic, also on the changes in life, and the process of adapting to a new life and a new city. Suzanna, from the Netherlands, has been living in Munich for about three and a half years now, and with “all these experiences of change I have learned a lot, different countries, many changes… but when you go home, you notice things there have also changed, and well, I have grown a lot internally.”

“In this exhibition, I have worked a lot with marblin. I like to put the colour on the water and then work with it, because you never know what will happen, you do not know the result and it is exciting to try out on new things. Sometimes it can be a frustrating result, but other times the result is good, and this is just how life is, and especially the experience of being in a new country.”



“When I start painting, I am open to what can happen afterwards.” This analogy is very interesting with respect to the idea of being in a new country.

The opening is on May 10th, at 7:00 at the „Färberei“, Claude-Lorrain-Straße 25 (RG),www.diefaerberei.de You can visit the exhibition until May 20th. treumann3

Photo credits: Suzanna Treumann

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