Snowboards handmade.

The Bakery Snowboards.

Munich, the Alps and winter = sports and fun!

Ski is very popular in this area and at the same time, the snowboard scene is growing. Munich is so close to the Alps that it is really easy to practice  winter sports.
The Bakery Snowboards is Michi’s and Hannes’s atelier where they handcraft snowboards and I went there to talk about this culture and the snowboards they make, their atelier is in a nice and really pop art culture style area in Munich, the Werksviertel Mitte, at Grafinger Straße 6.

“Snowboarding, skating and surfing are closely  related to each other, it is a whole culture, from surfers it came to the skateboard and to the  snowboard. The surfers wanted to keep surfing, so if there where no waves, they wanted to surf on the street or on the snow, it is a culture with its own music, clothing and some more stuff.” -Hannes-

In Munich the snowboard culture is growing.

“In Germany, Munich is the city with the biggest snowboard scene, it is not an obligation for the people who live here to do it, but a lot of people are doing it and when you are there in the community, you can notice that it is growing.”

From hobby to business:
„I thought that maybe I could make my own snowboard, so started asking and I found a community that explains a lot, I tried to make it, I read a lot and I did a lot of research on the internet through the years, I dreamed about it“.
“3 years ago, we started with the atelier, it took us one year to make our first board, we had to make a lot before getting into it, for example, we constructed our own press machine” -Hannes-

The boards they build are super cool, the designs are printed there too and they can customize it for their clients. The principal material is bamboo and the materials are ecologically sustainable.

Hannes recommended to take a course to learn how to drive snowboard, he said it can be frustating at the beginning but after all, there is nothing like floating on the „Tiefschnee“ or fresh snow.
„The first 5 days are horrible, unless you are three years old, but it is horrible for everyone: you are attached to the board, you cannot balance like you do it with ski, so you have to lay on the snow, it is cold, it is wet, but if you make it over the first 5 days, you can see if its funny for you or not. One has to have a big tolerance for frustrations so you can make it in the first days.”

The favorite places for snowboarding for Hannes are the Spitzingsee and Sudelfeld, around 45 minutes from Munich, so on friday after work, there is nothing better than going there to practice.
To get in touch with Michi and Hannes and ask about the boards, you find their website here. There is also information about the workshops to build your snowboard on your own.
For those who are not used to the long and cold winter, winter sports is a good way to enjoy this season. Michi and Hannes, thank you so much for the talk!

Photo and tex: Alicia Enciso.